What is Prosper ID Protect?

The basic, free Prosper Daily app allows you to track and protect your debit accounts and credit cards, as well as provides you with a free TransUnion credit score that updates monthly.

Prosper ID Protect is our most comprehensive and popular service. With Prosper ID Protect, you receive

  • Comprehensive 3-bureau credit monitoring - if we detect any suspicious behaviour, we will alert you immediately both in the app and via email.
  • Full Service identity theft restoration
  • Black Market Surveillance - we scan thousands of websites and hacker forums daily to see if your personal information is being traded, bought or sold. Set it up now.
  • Social Security Number Fraud Alerts: when a new name, alias or address becomes associated with your SSN in financial records, we'll alert you - so you can take quick action to protect your identity.
  • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance

Read more about ID Protect on our website.

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