What are recurring charges?

We recently released a new feature that helps identify recurring charges - this way you can monitor for changes, and make sure none of the payments increased without approval.

How do I see my recurring charges in the app?

To see your recurring charges go to 'Money’ and tap on your ‘Inbox’. Recurring charges will appear at the top.

I’ve noticed a change in a recurring charge - what’s next? 

If you recognize the charge and wish to approve it, you can do so by swiping right on the charge. 

Alternatively, you can swipe left to flag, follow-up, or get help recognizing the charge.

Can I manually set a charge as recurring?

Absolutely! Tap on the charge you’d like to set as recurring, and scroll down to ‘Mark as recurring’. This way, the app will start tracking this charge as recurring. Also, note that a charge can always be unmarked as recurring.


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