Duplicate transactions - Help!

Duplicate transactions can appear in the app for a number of reasons. If you’re seeing duplicates in your inbox, please check the following:

1. Check if your account was added to the app more than once. 

  • On iPhone go to the 'Money’ tab > tap on the top left card icon > 'My Accounts'. 
  • On Android go to ‘Money’ tab > tap on the downward pointing arrow on the top left to open > 'My Accounts'.

2. If your account appears just once under ‘My Accounts’, please check your online statement on your provider's website to see whether the duplicate transactions appear there as well. If so, we recommend contacting your bank to let them know.

3. If the duplicates appear only in the app, please attach a screenshot and tell us about it.

We’re standing by to help at support@daily.prosper.com

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