Can't add a financial account?

Here are 4 tips that may help:
  1. Double check that you're entering the same username and password used for your online login site.
  2. Double check that you’re searching for the correct card provider by looking at the name listed on your card’s online login site, rather than what’s listed on your debit or credit card.
  3. Log into your online account and only after a successful login, return to the Prosper Daily app and try adding your account again with the same credentials.
  4. If you’re having trouble adding an account, your financial institution's website may be down for maintenance. Best to try again in a few hours.
Pro tip: Is your account locked in Prosper Daily? Sometimes this happens if you’ve tried to add an account multiple times with incorrect credentials. To unlock your account, please follow these steps in exact order: (1) log into your online banking account (from your provider's website), which should unlock your account. After a successful login, (2) return to the Prosper Daily app and add your account again. This time you should be able to add your account!
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